Hougang Otah is Singapore’s leading otahs. We serve mouth watering otahs to customers islandwide since 1995!

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Nasi Lemak

Traditional eaten with our signature spicy otah, packs a tight punch!

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Raw Otah Paste

A selection of the freshest fish and spices nicely wrapped in leaves of banana trees, ready to go through the fire!

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Otah Bun

Freshly made soft & fluffy white buns combine with our signature grilled spicy seafood otah

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Different ways of consuming….
You can turn it into a satisfying sandwich with our signature banana leaf otah.

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Love that there’s variety of otah ot choose from instead of the usual plain. You can order through delivery too! I love the spicy, prawn and sotong ones from @hougangotah.

Daphne Wee, @xdaphnewee

My favorites are banana leaf otah, spicy fish otah, sotong otah, prawn otah. They are actually quite spicy which is awesome

Jessica Tham, @tippytapp

Available in a variety of flavors – prawn, sotong, spicy fish, fish head, banana leaf… Love that the otah is spicy and has little kick! Best way to eat otah is to sandwich it btw 2 soft fluffy bread. Nom Nom Nom

Sheryl, @sherbakes

Thanks @hougangotah! My fam loves it! Even the fussy eater @mehnonner approves.

Sheila Mandy, @sheilamansy

I’ve tried almost all their Otahs, I like sia! I’m usually not a fan of Otahs cause those you get outside always “wet wet” one. I like my Otahs to be firm & not too moist.

L I A N M E I T I N G, @lianmeiting

I’d recommend banana leaf, classic spicy, prawn & fish head. Prawn otah! Rlly got legit prawn meat inside. Non spicy otah for the kids tates like fish cake tho.

Joanna Soh, @joannaspy

My fav – prawn. The QQ-ness of the prawns go so well with the otah paste! It was delivered warm and I must have eaten at least 4 when i got it.

Jayne Tham, @jaynetham

Still taste so good after keeping them for a few days and reheating.

Nicole Beh, @behlingling
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